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Frequently Asked Questions

 Feel free to contact me directly if you have a question not listed below. 

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FAQs and Answers Below: 

I regularly smoke cannabis, how is it different in a therapeutical setting?

You will be pleasantly surprised how differently cannabis will affect you in a therapeutic setting. Cannabis allows for an accelerated, and more profound therapeutic experience.


Where do I get cannabis and Ketamine?

Clients supply their own cannabis or Ketamine. You may ask your physician for a prescription for Ketamine nasal sprays, lozenges or rapid dissolving tablets that are placed under the tongue.


What strain and dose of cannabis do I use?

Any strain of cannabis will work well. Choose what you prefer, indica, sativa or hybrid.  It’s best to use a vape pen or joint and take 1-2 hits.  It’s difficult to get the correct dose on edibles.

Can I work with you on these therapies without psychedelic medicines?

Absolutely, these therapies on their own are deeply transformative and allow you to quickly see change in your life.

Can I work with you on other plant medicines in addition to cannabis and Ketamine?

Although I have considerable experience and training with other psychedelic medicines,  only cannabis and Ketamine are currently legal in California.

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Dalai Lama

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