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Transformational & Healing Services

Susan Marx offers transformational healing through a combination of Psychedelic Somatic Therapy and Internal Family Systems (IFS).

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Are you ready for Greater Clarity?

Let the journey begin:


Self-Exploration and Self-Healing

Deepening and Repair of Relationships to Yourself and Others

 Exploring Conscious Evolution

Journey of Self Exploration


Where are you stuck?

  • Is it with relationships, health, money or career, self-esteem or confidence challenges?

  • Are you stuck in the past?

  • Are traumatic events holding you back?

  • What is stopping you from moving forward?

  • Do you suffer from overwhelming emotions, fear, anxiety, terror or shame?

I will work with you to permanently free yourself from despair and hopelessness. Together we will safely explore extreme emotions and limiting beliefs so you can permanently transform your thoughts, fears, emotions, relationships, past hurts and trauma so they no longer hold you back.


It’s time to permanently heal, so you can and have the relationships, health and happiness you desire.  This will be easier than you think, and I'm happy to help you.

Relationship Journey with Yourself and Others:


The voice in your head, your inner critic, excessive rumination, or the perfectionist - we all have different personality parts.


Some parts we lock away because they carry emotions and beliefs from the traumas and experiences that we want to forget.  Some of those vulnerable parts are our inner children who, before they were hurt, were delightful to be with, full of creativity and joy.


But once they got hurt, they were burdened with emotional pain or shame or terror, so we shoved them aside and put them in a cave or cyst or somewhere to keep them from overwhelming us.


But, as long as these parts are locked away, we can be easily triggered and can erupt in anger, fear, depression, binge eating or excessive drinking. Instead of stuffing them down - you can set them free so they can once again bring creativity and joy back into your life.

You learn to love yourself which allows you to have more love in your life and better connection with friends, family, community and your purpose. 


Let me show you how.

Journey of Conscious Evolution:

You’ve done inner work, to the point where your struggles no longer define you.

Now it's time for you to find meaning in life beyond the physical trappings.

You are eternally evolving on a path of higher consciousness.

You are always connected with the Divine, whether you sense it or not.

You are always in the present moment, even if you are planning the future or reminiscing about the past.

You are an awake, aware, conscious being with innate knowing and wisdom.


By increasing your awareness of the present moment and understanding the I Am presence, the core of your being, you overflow with potential and share your gifts with the world. You know yourself and all of humanity in fullness and freedom and love.


Whether you seek a deeper realization of Oneness, or wish to raise your vibratory state of consciousness, I will help you continue to evolve through love.

Psychedelic-assisted Therapy, Somatic Therapy and Internal Family Systems (IFS)


The word “somatic” is from the Greek word “soma” meaning “body”. Our mind and body are intricately linked and they influence each other. Somatic work incorporates both the mind and body in therapeutic healing work. 


IFS therapy is rooted in neuroscience and applies inner resources and for healing emotional wounding at its core. Your inner healing  intelligence is very reliable in knowing  precisely what your system needs to heal.


These therapies on their own are deeply transformative and allow you to quickly see change in your life.  Combining IFS with somatic techniques and psychedelic medicine brings about non-ordinary states of consciousness and allows for an accelerated, and more profound therapeutic experience. 

Contact me to set up an appointment!

"Your heart knows the way - run in that direction


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