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Transformative Stories

Many have already experienced the kind of transformation you desire. Learn how they journeyed from difficulties and pain, to a life of joy and purpose. 

Maria V.  Austin, TX

"After many years of western medicine getting me nowhere, I was searching for a new path to healing and was extremely fortunate to have found Susan. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to Susan. Using her unique knowledge, techniques, and talent she has guided me through past traumas, and I have emerged with a deep and profound healing. Through her care I am now able to walk in the world with a genuine lightness and renewed energy."

Britt B.  Telluride, CO

"I cannot sing Susan’s praises high enough! Working with her over the past few months has LITERALLY changed my life;  and in such a soft and gentle way. I have done both IFS and full-day intensives with her and would highly recommend both, as a beautiful pathway to healing. She brings love and space to each session and we can work through anything that comes up. I have more love for myself and my unique path and an allowance and passion for life, my relationships, and money. I feel a freedom after each session that then carries effortlessly into my life, bringing more ease and joy to every day. I’m so excited to continue working with her and for what my life will look like a year from now! " 

Rob S.  Austin, TX

"I have journeyed and worked with plant medicines before, but what a difference it is working with Susan.  It's the way she facilitates that makes all the difference in the world!  She is a gift to the planet and my life is forever changed because of her. I highly recommend putting your trust in Susan."

Robyn F.  Laguna Beach, CA

"Working with Susan has truly changed my life. Up to this point all the healing I had pursued provided just enough to keep me going. On the outside everyone saw a cheerful, happy, strong woman but on the inside, I was being run by past wounds, fears and anxiety. Trying to hold everything together and pretending that everything was fine, was exhausting.


My life may now look the same on the outside but feels completely different on the inside. My inside matches my now genuine smile and true happiness. I am so grateful to be on a path to love myself, my life and the people around me on a whole different vibration. Susan has shown me the power I have to heal myself and create a life that I truly love. The best part is the deep amount of love and wisdom she surrounds you with through the whole experience." 

Kristen M.  Glenwood Springs, CO

"I was looking for a safe space to expand my spiritual practice and Susan not only held space for me to explore, but also had great suggestions to help me reach my goals.  She is very knowledgeable with a sweet and kind demeanor.  I now consider her not only a teacher, but a great friend that I can reach out to for guidance to grow my practice."

Kim L.  Stamford, CT

"Wildly transformational - are the best words to describe my experience with Susan. She has a way to move your body, mind and spirit in a healing capacity like no one else I have met. Her gentle and loving guidance through the journey will change your life. I’m so grateful to find a healer with her type of gifts.

Janet K.   Laguna Beach, CA

"In a recent session w/Susan I was able to access a wound I had been chasing (with a number of therapists, healers, and teachers) to heal my entire adult life. We got to it in minutes and the feeling of freedom was a physical one that I will always remember. Life is much lighter now… every day I get to live with this newly created peace. I will be forever grateful for the finding Susan - she has a gift like no other."

Lilly W.   Milan, Italy

"Susan showed me a way to work with myself that is so loving. I've been able to work and love my children that way, but never myself.  It's a unique and helpful experience, and I appreciate her patience and kindness. "

Tim K.   Seattle, WA

"Fifty Years of transformational work and my relationship with my mother was still incomplete. I was aware that this pivotal relationship was holistic and affected all other areas of my life, but I could not escape the trauma.


After a single session with Susan, I could finally allow my mother to be exactly how she is. Amazingly, the work of the session was not particularly difficult. 


After the session, I spent a week caring for my mom (she is very lucid, 90 years old, and in a wheelchair). I did not get upset, as was usually the case with a prolonged visit, and my mother’s behavior was certainly not the source of the serenity.  I was able to experience a stream of gratitude and love for her, and I am thankful that I can appreciate her in these final years of her life. The transformation that Susan facilitated is nothing short of a miracle. It is life-changing for my mom and me and has positive impact on the other members of my large family." 

Kristine O.    San Diego, CA

"My life has been changed for the better after working with Susan. I went through a very rough time during my divorce and becoming a single mom.  She helped me grow spiritually and begin to see everything as a possibility instead of a burden.  I am now not only functioning but thriving in my new roles and am forever grateful!  Her methods are gentle, loving, and perfection."

"We're all just here walking each other home."

Ram Dass

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